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Fiat America Edition? Not here!

Pulpit rock

Fiat America Edition!

Sorry Readers, for now, we're the ONLY FIAT America you're likely to be getting! Only 1,000 of these cars are to be built, 500 2 doors, 500 Drop tops, but all are slated for Europe. Though we agree with autoblog, it would be odd to have a patriotic car scheme on a foreign car..though they do back Chrysler now.

2010 Abarth 500 Monza Edition!

monza abarth 500

The folks over at Autoblog Netherlands wrote a nice article about yet ANOTHER special edition Abarth 500! The long and short of it is a fully customized Abarth 500 model, this one in tribute to the world renown Monza Race Track in Italy. Don't get your hopes up about getting one however, as only 10 of these cars are to be produced. Click over to read the full article!

FIAT Officially Splits into two separate entities

From an Official Press release:


On 1 January 2011, as a result of the demerger approved by shareholders on 16 September, there will be two new Fiat groups (both quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange) with two distinct logos: Fiat SpA and Fiat Industrial SpA.

Special Edition 500 for Fiat Freakout attendees!

Did you happen to be in Asheville, NC this weekend at the FIAT freak out event?! If so, hopefully you were one of the lucky 500 that were able to preorder the Special Edition 500 that FIAT crafted specifically for it's long time fans in attendance. See the link below to read the full press release from FIAT/Chrysler and send us some pics of the order event if you were there!!;jsessionid=FE2B1EB730E7D56D7C0F...

FIAT just confirmed to have standalone dealerships!

FIAT to have standalone dealers afterall?! The detroit bureau is reporting this week that FIAT may be looking in to standalone dealers desite earlier reports to the contrary. Speculation is that this will allow for a broad penetration in to the US market than if the cars were sold along side existing Chrysler dealerships. Existing dealerships will be given plans this week regarding these new standalone FIAT showrooms and service centers. Only time will tell however this is a move in a very exciting direction for FIAT fans, as well as for automotive job seekers!

FIAT 500 returns to US soils at the FIAT Freak out!

The new FIAT 500 will be officially on display at the FIAT Freak Out in Asheville, NC July 9-11. This will be a chance for FIAT fans in attendance of the event to see the previously Europe only vehicle first hand. Fiat North America was gracious enough to provide access to the vehicle. If you're not signed up already this is the cherry on top of all the goodness included in this event! Sign up and bring some friends!
Fiat 500

Fiat Freakout Registration online ends at Midnight on 7/04!

As a Public service reminder to all of our FIAT fans, the freakout online registration over at ends at midnight on July the 4th.

This is a great opportunity for FIAT fans, both of the new cars and the older generation of US sold FIATs to come together and share their love of the brand and the automobiles. We will be there and we highly recommend you attend if you can! We can't be specific, but there are some very exciting first hand suprises in store for those who attend!

27th Annual National Convention of the club Fiat-Lancia Unlimited

July 8th - 11th, 2010

An Electric 500???

I'm not sure how we missed it, but back in March Reuters reported that Chrysler announced their intention to bring an all-electric Fiat 500 to the US at the same time they canceled plans for a hybrid version of the Ram pickup.

This move seems to be consistent the apparent Chrysler strategy to downsize their current truck-heavy lineup.

FIAT Freakout registration now open!

Registration is now open at this link!

Be a part of the biggest FIAT fan convention and get together in the US!
What is it?
From the site:

7 speed auto trans for the Fiat 500?

Chris over at Fiat500USA Blog posted up a great article about the new 7 speed dual dry auto transmission for the Fiat 500. This transmission should allow a sportier and quicker shift between gears but also allow for the convenience of an automatic transmission.

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